100 hearts in my box… next 100 here I come…

May 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

I think at 100 I should say a few words.

When I started this project I really didn’t know what to expect, or where it was going. It seemed like a fun idea to put some focus into my creative life. It seemed like a good idea to get out there in internet web land and see what came back to me.

It seems like my hearts have come a long way from the first week, and crossed some emotional places. From pretty images to darker shadows and insights. It’s been nice to get such positive feedback in messages and to know people actually look forward to getting the new one each day, I feel like they actually mean something. They can have different values and  meanings depending on personal situations and some strike a chord and some don’t.  I love when they come back at me in profile pics, and are shared and passed on.

I like the challenge of getting a message over in a picture and I’ve been joined with words from the blogger ‘frombrushtopen’ in comments after each post. We’re hoping to do a little book at the finish with all the hearts and poems in. I’m saving all the original 366 in a box so I can finish with an exhibition.

I’m very excited about the next 100 and especially tomorrow’s which is very special and was very important to get right. I hope we have done it justice.

I’m intrigued to know where the next 100 will lead and how I’ll feel and what place I’ll be in at my 200th heart, as I’m feeling so much more positive now than when I started.

Next 100 here I come…


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  • Sorry to those of you not familiar with Rugby. I’m reminded of when scrumhalf Gareth Edwards first asked flyhalf Barry John where he wanted the ball passed. “You throw it and I’ll catch it”; a simple relationship that created poetry

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