A little bit of me- The story behind heart 86

August 30, 2012 § 7 Comments


Heart 86 ‘when only the dancing helps, thank you for the dancing.’ has been one of my most popular images… going on the feed back in the dance world anyway.

I think it’s a place we all know… somewhere to forget your troubles, and for a few moments at least, with a partner you connect with, dissolve into the music.

There isn’t a better place for me when I’m feeling alone and overwhelmed with life and it’s problems. I owe such a big thank you to all my dance friends, male and female. I only began to dance ( modern jive)  3 years ago when my husband left and for the first year I just danced. I liked that no one spoke to me and it was a safe place to just lose myself in the music, I liked being held, I liked that I didn’t have to think too hard I could just follow the lead, I liked that I could hand over responsibility for a few hours. I may be upset, but there I had a big smile on my face all night.

It gives you confidence too. When you’ve been in a marriage for 17 years you’re part of a couple, you lost your identity somewhere. I’m not saying that’s bad, but when you come back out into the world alone, it’s confusing. You’re not sure who you are and where your place is. It’s difficult to find YOU again. In this friendly dancing environment where anyone can ask anyone to dance and you’re expected to say ‘yes’ with a smile, there’s no fear of rejection, and ok so some dances are more enjoyable than others, some people you just gel with, and of course I have my favourites ! but it’s all fun and I’ve found everyone to be so lovely.

Well I think that sort of explains a bit more about the picture, and it’s my first choice to try on a canvas here in my Etsy shop xx

14 months ago I started to learn Tango but that’s a longer, deeper story so I’ll go there another time.


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