367th heart

February 14, 2013 § 4 Comments

367 Mat

I was asked back in November if I took commissions and would I consider doing a heart for  a mum of a young man who had just died of cancer age 23.  I said yes I would and then worried, not knowing those involved what I had taken on, and how I could do it justice. I asked for words to describe Mat and let them sink into my head.  I was  told he was lively, popular, considerate, charming and thoughtful. In his last year he had been a real inspiration to all who met him. I didn’t know where to start and in the end I just took my dogs out for a quiet walk and thought about my own son, he’s 16.

Today’s heart 367th is the heart I did back then for Mat. I hadn’t intended to share it but his family are happy to, and today is perfect. It’s my new beginning, on my way to my new goal of 1000 hearts. I know it’s Valentine’s day but that only makes the significance of a heart full of love more special. Mat had  a generous personality and a way of touching people with his positiveness..

367 – A strong heart, not solid in colour because it’s made of goodness, energy and light. Fragments breaking off in tiny pieces of inspiration and kindness, flying out to be caught and shared. Always aware of other’s feelings, constantly shimmering, never still, it’s a generous sharing heart. The golden aura depicts memories for those who knew him to rest within, energy he left behind, a place to remember how special he was.


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