458th heart

May 15, 2013 § 6 Comments


This morning in my emails I found a post from a blog I follow Moonshine  I follow a few blogs and don’t always click through and read, but there’s something intoxicating about Sharlie’s  ‘dreams, randomness, ramblings and poetic images’  today’s was beautiful and drew me in. I immediately wanted to illustrate it for one of my hearts, and pictured Sharlie dreamily sitting on top of a mountain… but then I saw she’d written it for Will Godec…

I thought I’d better have a quick look before I started to paint…

…and then, the words and the illustration forming in my head took on a whole new meaning… Suddenly I’m aware that Will has died unexpectedly, and that he must have loved the mountains and sports, and that he was a great and much loved guy.

With Sharlie’s blessing here is my heart to illustrate her poem for Will.

And as I love her poem so much here is the full version.


On the tip of a mountaintop

there is a soul

A bit jagged

A bit reckless

A touch restless

A touch lost

I can see storm clouds

rolling in

gracing those peaks

Subltle gray

hues of darkness

that bleed into regret

There is just


light to catch

shimmering glints

and reflective hints

of weightless snowflakes

Kissing the edge

of nothingness

Tapping into

unknown distances

Do feet of the unknown

dare to take

that first glide?

A wooden and

waxed leap

down a trail

yet to be formed

Does the heart

dare to explore dreams

that still linger

upon pristine snowbanks?

A graze of grace

upon the cheek of

God’s country

Can that smile

cut through

the fear

and anticipation

of failure

and victory?

Underneath it all…

the summit,

the boulders,

the powder,

the blunders

is a heart of gold

that cannot be covered

by the darkness

of an avalanche

A thawing-

the coldest spring

binds us

into arms of strength

Even in the deepest drifts

your footprints mark

where you have been

A place in between

the dancing of snow

where your shadow

is cast

and time never melts

for Will Godec by Sharlie Lattimer


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