Why am I doing this?

February 2012 I set myself the challenge of a heart a day for 366 days. ( a Leap Year)

I really enjoyed doing ‘30 days of creativity’ back in June 2011 and wanted to set myself a bigger challenge. The idea of having to post something everyday inspired me. My life had changed direction and the discipline of ‘a heart a day’ seemed like a good focus to move forward one day at a time. I chose hearts as they’re so flexible and relevant to everyone.

After completing the year with an Exhibition I didn’t want to stop, so I’m now heading for a New goal of 1000 Hearts.

My idea was to chose one of my favorite quotes and illustrate it, but as I started they became very personal and this seems to resonate better. I often chose the sentiment I want to get across and illustrate that first, then go and find a quote which completes the illustration. Different hearts appeal to different people and you may find one you relate to.

I’m happy to do personal commissions for a heart, prices start from £45 you just have to provide some words. If you’re interested contact me by email – hazelbmcn@gmail.com

It’s my journey of feelings, a voyage of discovery…and maybe I’ll find my heart…x

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